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Servicing of sheet winches

People often complain about friction when spinning winches, or about the fact that the drum can be turned in both directions. Often, this is the result of insufficient care & service - dirty grease or bonded pawl springs provide a malfunction of the winch. This can be avoided by regular maintenance and care. Not only the functionality is improved by the cleaning and maintenance, also reliability and longevity of the winches increase.

But you may have no time, or you perhaps are afraid to do something wrong. We offer you the ideal winter service for Lewmar winches: cleaning the winch, checking for possible damage, swapping the pawls and springs and greasing of the individual parts. The winches can be delivered or sent directly to us.

We offer this service for winches up to and including size 54 for € 90.00 / pc. and for winches from size 55 for € 110.00 / pc. on. Cost for eventually required replacement of parts or repairs will be charged separately, after having the customer agree to the replacement of worn or broken parts.